Mass Media Research: Qualitative and Quantitative Comparison

News media and public attitudes toward the protests of 2020: An examination of the mediating role of perceived protester violence

The first study I will be reviewing is an example of Quantitative research. This study investigated the role of the news media in shaping the attitudes of viewers towards the 2020 protests. Data was pulled from a nationally representative election survey from the 2020 American National Election Studies (ANES) time series. The survey questions respondents about voting behavior and various topics relevant to issues currently facing the United States. This was used to examine (1) support for law-and-order approaches to dealing with rioting and protest violence and (2) the perception that the protests of the summer of 2020 were violent.

Understanding trust influencing factors in social media communication: A qualitative study

This research article explores trust influencing factors in peer-to-peer interpersonal communication, group communication, and mass communication. The research questions were “What are the influencing trust factors in Wechat communication” and “How could trust factors affect different types of WeChat communications.” During the study, researchers utilized a trust traffic light model to illustrate keywords drawn from interviews with 115 undergraduate students who use a mobile app called WeChat communications. In addition, a coding system was created to categorize the answers of the different interviewees according to each interview question.



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